How to Send a Camera by Courier


Hard case

Bubble wrap and polystyrene

Parcel tape

Cardboard box

Even with the popularity and convenience of cameras within mobile phones, there is still a huge following for the traditional 35mm and medium format cameras, whether in digital or roll film.

When sending a camera, it is vital that these are packed correctly, to avoid any possible risk of damage during transit.

When preparing to ship a camera, firstly, remove the lens and any other items, such as SD cards, battery, strap or flash. Attach the camera body cap and the front and rear lens caps. Please note that if the camera contains a lithium battery, it must remain inside the camera.

For the lens, flash and other accessories, these can be wrapped securely in bubble wrap and fixed in place using parcel tape.

Wrap the camera body in bubble wrap and if using a carrying case, insert it into the case. Using a camera case, will provide an extra level of protection. Use plenty of bubble wrap for the body and lenses, as the greater the protection, the less likelihood of any damage being sustained.

Find a suitable box to contain the camera, a double walled box is preferable.

Place a few layers of bubble wrap in the bottom of the box and position the camera in the centre of the box and fill the box with packing peanuts, or bubble wrap, making sure that the camera is not touching any of the sides of the box. Shake the box to check that the camera cannot move about within the box. If there is any movement, fill any gaps with additional packing material. The lens and accessories can be packed in the same box, but make sure that there is sufficient space between the camera and accessories.

Finally, seal the box with parcel tape, applied along the seams and lid of the box and also in the opposite direction. Use at least 3 layers of tape to secure the box.

Once this is complete, print off and attach your parcel label to the box.

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