How to Send Computers by Courier


Bubble wrap

Parcel tape

Corner protectors

Anti Static Polythene bag

Cardboard box

When you need to send a computer, select a suitable box to pack your laptop or computer in. Keyboards and ancillary equipment should be packed separately. Where possible, use the manufacturers packaging and enclose this in an additional box.

Securely tape the bottom of the box, with 2-3 layers of good quality parcel tape. Wrap the laptop computer in an anti static plastic bag, to prevent any static discharge or possible water damage. Line the box with a minimum of 2 layers of bubble wrap, so the computer has a soft base to lie on.

Add corner protectors to the computer, these can be made from polystyrene, foam, or additional layers of bubble wrap. Wrap the laptop or computer with 2 additional layers of bubble wrap and secure with tape, before placing inside the box.

If you are enclosing a mouse, mains lead, charger or cables in the same box, make sure that they are adequately protected and isolated from the computer, to prevent any possible damage or scratching. A layer of cardboard can be used between the items.

Once this has been completed, check for any voids and fill with either packing peanuts, or additional bubble wrap. Once you are satisfied with the packing, tape the box securely, applying tape along the length and width of the box.

If you are not using the original manufacturer's box, you will need to insert the packed computer into a larger box. Ideally, with 50 mm clearance on all sides.

Again, wrap the box in 2-3 layers of bubble wrap and secure in place using parcel tape, before inserting into the larger box. Again, fill any spaces with additional packing materials.

Once packed, secure the box with parcel tape, applied in both directions. When this is completed, print off and attach your parcel label.

If you are sending a computer outside of the European Union, you will need to complete a commercial invoice for Customs clearance. We will provide you with all the necessary Customs paperwork, free of charge.

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