How to Send Hi Fi by Courier


Packing crate

Bubble wrap

Parcel tape

Cardboard box

When sending your valuable audio equipment by courier, there are several things to bear in mind.

If you use a courier for HiFi, you must consider that the parcel may be around 30kg, and if you send speakers by courier, it will be a large box. So the chances of that being dropped at some point along the delivery chain, is quite high.

Ask yourself, that if it was dropped from waist height, would it be packed sufficiently to withstand the impact?

Most situations of damage are due to insufficient packaging.

For the majority of items, the manufacturer's cartons are sufficient to send HiFi separates by courier. But if you are in any doubt, wrap them in additional layers of bubble wrap, or build a wooden crate to send Hi Fi equipment in. Using polystyrene sheets on each face and between any items as dividers. Far better to be safe, than to argue with insurers over a damaged and possibly unreplaceable item.

If you send a valve amplifier by courier or send speakers, often a pallet is a better option, where your item can be held securely in place. When using a pallet, please ensure that the exposed sides are protected too.

Our additional insurance cover is £10 for up to £3000 of cover. It covers all Hi-Fi and electrical items and the manufacturers packaging is sufficient.

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